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Moving Check List

You have found the home of your dreams; your mortgage is all sorted out, now what? Moving Day!!

Moving day can be exciting, stressful, and even emotional all at the same time.  Your Island Mortgage Team cares about your entire home owning experience, and we want to help make it as stress free as possible.


Here are some tips to help make your move go more smoothly.

  • Use colored duct tape to easily and quickly mark boxes while packing.  Colour code each room in your home and stick a piece of the coordinating color of duct tape on the box for which room it is destined for.  This will make it easier to identify which box goes where.
  • Keep the contents of smaller drawers in zip lock bags.
  • Don’t have any of those fancy wardrobe boxes? Make it easy to transport hanging clothing by putting them in trash bags.

  • While moving use an elastic band to keep your door from latching closed.  Loop the band around the inner and outer knobs and over the door latch.  This is especially helpful if you are moving out of an apartment whose door likes to lock automatically.
  • Have lots of heavy books? Save your back and pack them in rolling suitcases to make them easy to transport.
  • Check out restaurants in your new neighbour hood before moving day. This way when dinner time rolls around while you are unpacking you aren’t struggling to figure out where to order from.
  • Pack essentials for your first night such as sheets and shower curtains in your new place in clear plastic totes. 

  • When dissembling furniture put all of the small pieces such as screws, nuts, and bolts into a zip lock bag. Either label the bags or use tape to the bag to the piece of furniture so it is easy to find when it comes time to put it back together.
  • Use toilet paper rolls to pack cords and wires.  Not only does this keep them from getting all tangled you can write on the toilet paper roll what the cord is for.
  • The first thing you should set up is your bed.


And the most important tip:


  • Start organizing your move early.  Check out the Your Island Mortgage Team Moving Check List to make sure you stay on track with everything that needs to be done. Just click the link below:

Your Island Mortgage - Moving Check List


Your Island Mortgage Team is here for you.  If you have any questions concerning mortgages please don’t hesitate to call us 250-898-8821 or toll free 1-866-898-8821


Have any Moving Tips you would like to Share? Feel free to leave a comment below.


-article written by: Jessica Cruickshank (Your Island Mortgage Team - Administrative Assistant)

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