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Your Island Mortgage Team is BACK!


Your Island Mortgage Team is back and ready to work for you.

We are pleased to announce our office at 272 Anderton Rd, Comox is re-opening on Monday, May 25 with regular office hours 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Safety is our number one priority!  Social distancing and enhanced …

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Valentine’s Day: Romance and Finance can go together

Valentine’s Day: Romance and Finance can go together

Is it odd to put a discussion about your finances into this day connected with romance?

Not accordi…

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Let Us Quote Your Home Insurance

We shop all of our Insurance Providers to find you the best deal! Getting insurance can be complicated, and involve a wide range of factors. Getting the right insurance policy can help protect your investments, and save you thousands of dollars. At InsureLine, we understand the complexities of findi…

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5 Tips for Renewing Your Mortgage

Mortgage stress tests mean borrowers no longer negotiating from position of power

Mark Ting · for CBC News · 


Until recently, homeowners looked forward to renewing their mortgages as they were likely renewing at a lower rate an…

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Sold Data Coming to

CREA’s Board of Directors has voted to add sold and historical data to the property listings on without the need for a login.

In a message to real estate boards across the country, CREA says the move comes “in order to meet consumer demand and at the request of Realtors and boards.”…

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New Mortgage Rules 2018

New Mortgage Rules Coming January 1, 2018

The government is changing how Canadians must qualify for a Conventional Mortgage.  Starting January 1, 2018, anyone purchasing a property with 20% or more down payment, or anyone refinancing an existing mortgage, must qualify at the greater of the Bank o…

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New Mortgage Rules

New Mortgage Rules came into effect on October 17.  Here are the basics of the new mortgage rules and what they mean for you…

High Ratio purchases will be “Stress Tested”:

When a buyer has a down payment of less than 20% of the purchase price, this is considered a High Ratio purchase and …

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8 Tips For Getting and Keeping a High Credit Score

Credit Scores can be a little intimidating, especially since your credit score affects how much money you can borrow at what interest rate, and not many people understand how Credit Scores work.  There are ways to increase your credit score and keep it high. 

We wrote a post about understanding…

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What is Title Insurance??

First what is a Title?

Your property’s title is legal proof that you do in fact own your property and describes your right to the land.  This concept is sometimes confused with a property deed which is the legal document that transfers title from one person to another.


What does Titl…

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Moving Check List

You have found the home of your dreams; your mortgage is all sorted out, now what? Moving Day!!

Moving day can be exciting, stressful, and even emotional all at the same time.  Your Island Mortgage Team cares about your entire home owning experience, and we want to help make it as stress free as …

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“This house would be perfect, if only…”

The Only Thing You Can’t Change is Location…

You’ve been searching for what seems like an eternity. The homes you are seeing are great except...

The kitchen needs updating… Who would love green shag carpet…in a bathroom? … Harvest Gold Appliances just aren’t your style… You love the ne…

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Is your mortgage coming up for renewal?

When you first sign your mortgage contract, you are establishing the rate and conditions under which you will be obligated to pay to your lender for the term of your contract. What happens when this term is up and there is still a balance owing on your mortgage?

If your current mortgage is with a f…

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Fixed Versus Variable - some I.D.E.A.S. to consider

I.D.E.A.S. For Choosing Between A Fixed And Variable Rate

Best-Mortgage-termsThe first question people often ask when deciding between a fixed and variable mortgage is: “Where do you see rates going?”  

They assume we as mortgage planners know…and of course we don’t.  No one does. 

We can, and do, pre…

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Mortgage FAQ's

Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions


 Q: Should I get pre-approved for a mortgage before I look for a home?

 A:  It is an excellent idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start seriously looking for a home. It will help you determine how much home you can afford, plus it will hol…

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Real Estate Investing

How To Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio



 When financing a rental property interest rate should not be your only deciding factor. This might sound crazy to you but it’s true, there are many other key factors you need to be consciously aware of. Whether you are looking to purchase a small r…

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The cost of blind faith in a bank


I came across this article this morning and thought it may be a good one to share. For all of you who ask the question Banker vs Broker what's the difference?, this article may be of interest to you.

The article was taken from Mortgage Broker News

 The Cost of Blind Faith in a Bank


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Techniques Super Networkers Use To Rise Above The Rest

5 Techniques 'Super Networkers' Use to Rise Above the Rest


By Marissa Brassfield,

Anyone who's ever attended a networking event knows that not everyone can network successfully. In a column for Entrepreneur, author Lewis Howes shares seven techniques and habits all …

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The Score- Understanding Credit Ratings

The Score – Understanding Credit Ratings

Your credit rating is one of the most important, yet least understood aspects of your financial life. It determines whether or not you can borrow, whether you can get a credit card, what kinds of interest rates you will be paying, and even in som…

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Is Now the time to buy?

Is now the time to buy?

These are questions that we commonly hear at The Mortgage Centre Comox Valley.  Is now the time to buy?  Will property values drop?  Will interest rates rise?  What happens if one or the other occurs?  The blog post below shows the difference between purchasing tod…

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What does a Broker do for me?

Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

Purchasing property can be a pretty daunting process. In most situations, when you are purchasing property, you are purchasing a house for you and your family to call home. You have your list of wants and needs (WANT a spa-like ensuite…NEED a soundproof basement …

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